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Carnival of Personal Finance #80 - My Personal Finance Blog

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Carnival of Personal Finance #80

26th December 2006

Apologies for not having this up first thing in the morning. There were a lot more submissions to go through than I expected…

Anyway, without further ado, I present the 80th installment of the Carnival of Personal Finance! I’ll be reading through the submissions I haven’t already today and moving the catagories or deleting irrelevant posts. If you find any problems, please contact me.

Budgeting / Frugal

Getting Green presents:
Of Diets and Dollars

Broke-Ass Student presents:
Why Frugal Living Makes Sense

Stingy Students presents:
Stingy Students: Voiding optional

Credit / Debt

Becoming & Staying Debt Free presents:
Truth About Interest Rates
Why should I pay off my low interest rate loan (mortgage or otherwise) when I could make so much more by investing in the market?

Financial Fitness presents:
The Man Got Me In The End
I tried to avoid extra charges on using credit and debit cards on my recent trip to Europe, but turns out the conversion rate would still have been better and cost less money even given transaction fees.

Bankruptcy Reader presents:
Tips To Reduce Debt & Stay Out Of Bankruptcy

Penny Pinching presents:
Debt solution

Blogging Away Debt presents:
My FICO Score…The Climb from 680 to 750
A close look at my FICO score history.

Consumerism Commentary: A Personal Finance Blog presents:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Credit Cards, Part 1: The Good

Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog presents:
Are Credit Card Protector Plans Worth Looking at?

Debt Free presents:
Credit Counseling – Non Profit Isn’t Free – 6 Questions You Should a Ask a Credit Counseling Service

Credit Cave presents:
How to Avoid Maxing Your Credit Line: Part 1

Associated Content presents:
Wells Fargo’s Debit & Credit Rewards Program - Associated Content
A review of Wells Fargo’s Credit & Debit Card Rewards program, and why they’re probably not worth your time.

HomeBusinessWiz presents:
How to Get Your Free Credit Reports

Credit Card Lowdown presents:
Protect Your Card From Its Issuer

Money Management

Well-heeled: climbing the networth ladder in heels presents:
Why we don’t learn about money in school.

I’m a Quicken Head presents:
How to Incorporate Your PayPal Account into Quicken
A tutorial on how you can set-up a PayPal account in your Quicken file.

InsureBlog presents:
Sticky Fingers
InsureBlog’s Bob Vineyard reports that folks leave a lot of money "on the table" when they’re looking at their health benefits.

InvestorBlogger presents:
Savings Story: Building Capital


LifeTraining - Online presents:
10 Questions that Determine your Financial Fitness

Save Money presents:
Snowballing Debt
A snowballing debt calculator. presents:
Gifts That Teach Kids About Money presents:
Become an Price Drop Ninja

Adult ADD and Money presents:
Growing into financial responsibility (eventually)

Watch your Wallet presents:
Beat the Average Raise

FIREFinance presents:
Tools - FireSafe Your Personal Finance Documents!

All Tips and Tricks presents:
The AllAdvantage 2.0 of being an early bird
A company owned by its members. I think it is worth looking into it, as many well-known bloggers trust it and promote it. The sign in link is my affiliate.

The Dividend Guy Blog presents:
Procrastination Sucks - Don’t Do It

Queercents presents:
Are you on track? How do you stack up?
Rich at Queercents expands on the Money magazine article that asks these questions in its cover story: for your age and stage of life, are you "on track" with major life goals like owning your dream home, sending kids to college, or retirement? And how do you compare with the Joneses?

The Digerati Life presents:
How Christmas Can Cost Your Life’s Savings

The Coin Jar: A personal finance blog presents:
Personal finance books under my Christmas tree

My Financial Awareness presents:
How a good opportunity can be a snake oil salesman when the intent is to become rich
Why you should go after your dreams for a purpose instead of for the money otherwise you may end up buying snake oil instead of a pot of gold.

Wise Bread presents:
Best and worst decisions with a financial impact for 2006
Sarah Winfrey of Wise Bread shares her best and worst financial decisions of 2006.

Blunt Money presents:
Why I like Your Money or Your Life

Universe Of Success presents:
Law of Tenfold Return

International Student Personal Finance presents:
Finance blogs for/by students or fresh grads
List with short reviews of some of the blogs that are specifically aimed at PF for students or fresh grads.

An English Major’s Money presents:
How To Set Goals You Can Achieve

Cultivate Greatness presents:
The Next Millionaires
From 2006-2016, there will be 10 million new millionaires created, will you be one?

Free Money Finance presents:
How to Make Your Child a Millionaire

Money, Matter, and More Musings presents:
How To Trick Dumb People Into Buying Higher Grade Gasoline

Art Of Money presents:
What Happens to Your Web Business if You Die?
Covers succession planning and wills, especially for online workers.

Balanced Life Center presents:
What Would You Do With A Billion Dollars?

My Wealth Builder presents:
My Wealth Builder – Goal Setting

The Money Tortoise presents:
What Can A Postage Stamp Teach Us?
This is a short article and table of data showing history of US 1st class postage stamp. By using the postage stamp as a proxy for inflation, you can illustrate a compelling case for a heavier equity allocation in your portfolio especially when you consider today’s longer life expectancies.

My Two Dollars presents:
New Years Resolution: Start an estate plan - just in case.

Ask Uncle Bill presents:
A REALLY Stupid Idea

GT presents:
The Economics of Self-Awareness

Real Estate

Worldwide Success presents:
Ten Good Reasons for Owning a Home
Home ownership is an intrinsic part of the American dream. It is great to be able to walk through the front door and know you are stepping into a house of your own, instead of paying rent to someone else. Owning a house is a reason to be proud, but it is also a great financial move. Your home is probably one of the largest investments you will hold, and over time, it should reward you abundantly.

Renthusiast presents:
Manhattan gets ready for "Bonus Bump"
This year belonged to London, but in 2007, all eyes in the real estate world will be focused on Manhattan as Wall Street announces record bonuses for 2006.

Searchlight Crusade presents:
What Happens When You Over-Price Real Estate?


My Retirement Blog presents:
10 Rules: Starting Early

A Financial Revolution presents:
Make the Most of Your Roth IRA

Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Surfer Sam and Friends presents:
Stock Investment Fraud Exposed. Swindler Plays the Game Well.

American Desi Notes presents:
Predicting the Ups and Downs of Stocks

The Sun’s Financial Diary presents:
Active vs. Passive — My Funds vs. Vanguard Funds in Fees and Returns

Living Almost Large presents:
Chasing Returns on Mutual Funds
Understanding how to chase returns

SciTech Investor presents:
Could Tiny Help Topple Google?

Ashish’s Niti presents:
Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy for long term investing.


MakingOurWay presents:
The end of the year race
Last minute tax actions we’re taking and non-traditional ones you should consider.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity presents:
Remember to Update Your Tax Forms & Software

Don’t Mess with Taxes presents:
Extender entry instructions
Happiness at recently-renewed tax breaks will be offset somewhat by complications when you actually file your 1040. Here’s what the IRS says you’ll need to do to claim them.

FRAUDfiles presents:
Milwaukee Assessor’s Office and Milwaukee Public Schools screw up on property taxes

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Next weeks Carnival is over at Mighty Bargain Hunter. Due to New Years, the Carnival will be up on Tuesday, January 2, 2007. Have a submission? Submit it!

Thanks to all who submitted! I’ve got a lot of reading to do this week… :)

16 Responses to “Carnival of Personal Finance #80”

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    Thanks for hosting the Carnival!

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    LinkFest Tuesday…

    The Carnival of Personal Finance is now up over at My Personal Finance Blog. The host has pulled together more than 60 entries, in a half dozen categories. Nice job!…

  3. Flexo Says:

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. hgstern Says:

    Nice job!

    Thank you for hosting, and Happy Holidays!

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