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Carnival of Investing #28

26th June 2006

I’m happy to be hosting the 28th installment of the Carnival of Investing this week. There are nearly 30 posts in this week’s edition and while I haven’t read them all yet, the ones I have appear to be pretty well written.

Special thanks to Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog for keeping the Carnival going. Next week’s host will be Mighty Bargain Hunter.

I’ve broken the posts down into some high level categories. Posts are mainly organized in the order received with a couple exceptions where the posts were on similar topics. All links will open in a named window so as to keep your desktop from getting cluttered. Please leave a comment if you spot anything wrong or to let me know what you think of how I’ve organized things (good or bad).

Enjoy the Carnival!


frugal at My 1st Million At 33 presents
REIT as an Alternative Dividend Investment.

Jeff Howard at - Ideas on Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Investing, and Economics presents
Retiring on Dividends

Abnormal Returns presents
Market timing follies.

LAMoneyGuy at It’s Just Money presents
Market Timing Works: It Reduces Risk, Not Return Potential.

Babak at Trader’s Narrative presents
Ticker Sense Is Wrong.

Bryan C. Fleming at Bryan C. presents
Risk vs Reward

RJH Adams at Capital Chronicle presents
Ben Bernanke - inflation nutter?

Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog presents
Only Have $50 a Month? So What, Start Investing!

Victor Fam at Towards Better Life presents
The Mindset for Saving

FMF at Free Money Finance presents
Phil Town and Rule #1: Guide to Investment Success

Larry Stay at Grow Your Funds presents
Fundamental Indexation

General Investment Tips is basically a link to and a summary of a useful article about general investments available to everyday folks.

Steve Faber at Debt Free presents
Terrorist Attack Effects on the Stock Market.

Idempotent at idempotent’s stock trading journal presents
Relative Danger of Trading Account Sizes

Tom Hanna at Financial Options presents
The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for June 26 to 30, 2006

Harrison Loke at Journey To Financial Freedom presents
Web Tutorial on Candlestick Analysis

George at Fat Pitch Financials presents
International Investing

Moneywise at The Real Returns presents
Breakeven Point Before Real Returns.

Pete at My Financial Awareness presents
Deflating Compound Interest

Bill at Ask Uncle Bill presents
Pensions–The Not So Good Old Days

Personal Finance Blogger at My Personal Finance Blog presents
Prospering from Prosper.

Individual Stocks

Christopher Gragsone at Capital Gains presents
Jones Soda (NASDAQ: JSDA).

Trent at Stock Market Beat presents
Investment Banking Sleight of Hand on Symantec.

MyMoneyForest presents two articles this week VNQ Sold For 10% Profit and UARM Sold For 20% Profit.


Chris Welch at InvestorGeeks presents
Naked Options: Options for Nudists?.

Real Estate

A Samuel at New property development blog presents
Brazil emerging as a property investment hotspot.

Tom at “D”igital Breakfast presents
When the Levy breaks where the return in real estate isn’t always measured in cash.

Sharon at The Beauty, the Glamour and all things related to London Properties! presents
London’s Growing Russians Super Rich Invest in London Properties

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade presents
Buying Investment Property - An Example of the Issues

Small Business Investing

Marcus Markou at BOB - Business Opportunities Blog presents
I Bought The Business - Online Retail.


Greg Silberman at Gold and Oil Stocks presents
The Yen Carry Trade is DOOMED!

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